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Internship problems: Kim Kardashian version

The last person anyone expected to take up an apprenticeship is model and businesswoman Kim Kardashian, especially when that opportunity is at a law firm. Although she has no formal pre-law education, her father, Robert Kardashian, was one of O.J. Simpson’s lawyers in 1995.

Kardashian, in an Instagram post showing her studying with a few attorneys, said it has been her dream to be a lawyer. She’s now managing her family life, business and study lives simultaneously.

Many, including sisters Kourtney and Khloe, have shown their support for Kim by commenting on how proud they are. Although she has inspired a few fans and other celebrities with this news, it also creates an amusing image of her interning at a law firm.

Surely, her Twitter would be filled with interesting situations that she would take to the platform to rant about. Below are a few examples we’re sure we’ll be seeing from the star’s Twitter in the coming weeks.

Trading my Flat Tummy Tea sponsorship for a Starbucks sponsorship at this point with how long I have to work.

I’m basically Elle Woods now, but with better hair.

Why are people trying to sue all my fitness sponsors? Their products work wonders and they’re FDA regulated. What’s the problem? If it’s “not working” and “causing known complications” for you, then you’re not committed to the regime.

I can’t believe they’re expecting me to come back to the office on my child’s birthday!! Don’t they know I have a $50,000 party to host?

Can I skip all the boring stuff and start heading into the courtroom and handling criminal law cases? Like, I know when someone is innocent and this client we’re handling is definitely innocent. They’re a personal friend of mine.

Ugh, studying law is so hard, brb hiring more tutors.

I can feel the stress getting to me. Are there any yoga or massage places that law students usually go to for this kind of thing?

Maybe if you were doing something you were passionate about, then you would know what it takes to pursue your dreams later in life, but you don’t so don’t even act like you know what I’m talking about. Work is hard.

I can pass the character morality test, I have mixed babies.

Just got the dress code for this internship, where can I go to buy clothes that don’t expose anything? Why can’t I show off what I’ve paid for?

Wondering if I should take this lady who yelled at me today to court for emotional damage … almost hit her with my purse.

Looks like Kylie Minogue just tried to use my sisters name in one of her ad campaigns … a lawsuit is among us, ladies …

If you know how I feel, why would you say that? You know I’m trying to see if the zero evidence gathered will work out for her.

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