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Six drinks to try for people who don’t like alcohol

I’ve been 21 for over six months now, and truthfully, I still can’t stomach alcohol. I stand in awe of people who can take a shot without expression; I can barely even finish one.

If you’re like me but don’t want to be, here are some alcoholic beverages you can enjoy in order to look natural at the bar without sacrificing your taste buds —  if you’re of age, of course.

A mojito

This drink made of mint leaves, soda water, white rum, lime juice and straight sugar is the perfect midday beverage to enjoy with lunch or a casual summer dinner. The mint overpowers the rum, leaving you feeling buzzed, but refreshed. It compliments most meals well, but I wouldn’t recommend ordering this on a Thursday at a packed bar. 

A gin basil smash

This drink isn’t on every bar menu, but if you see it, I recommend giving it a try. I don’t think it’s comparable to any other drink I’ve tried, but the flavor combo of the gin, basil, lemon and pepper leaves a taste superior to any other drink I’ve had. I highly recommend trying the one served at “Crafted” in downtown Peoria.

A Vegas bomb

A Vegas bomb is the ideal drink for a busy night at the bar. It’s easy to make, tastes good and goes down easy. Made from Crown Royal and Red Bull, in addition to a few other possible ingredients, the alcohol content is overpowered by the energy drink, making it a great bar drink if you want to get drunk quickly.

A Moscow mule

Even most amateur drinkers know this beverage, but it’s a classic that’s worth including. Vodka, lime juice and ginger beer in a copper cup, an unlikely combo that tastes great at lunch or a late dinner. 

Malibu with pineapple juice, orange juice or Sprite:

This drink is significantly less complicated than others on this list. It’s simple, meaning that it’ll come out quicker at a packed bar. If you’re concerned about the stigma behind a fruitier drink, lie and say it’s a vodka soda. This drink doesn’t taste like alcohol and is my go-to at Crusens, Cam’s and any other Peoria-local bar.

McGillicuddy’s menthol mint

I can’t take shots without gagging or spitting them everywhere, but this liquor goes down like aggressive mouthwash. It’s the perfect drink to take a shot of. 

If all else fails and you forget everything upon arriving at the bar, just remember: Dark liquor usually goes with dark sodas and clear liquor generally goes with clear sodas. You’re welcome. 

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