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The worst of spring fashion

The weather is warming up and clothing is growing bolder. Creative expression is at a peak, but there are still things I question about the fashion world.

For example, the chunky dad shoes that everyone was asking “What are those?” to a while ago. These ‘90s thick sole shoes were almost extinct until its recent popularity surge.

I can clearly remember the kids that were considered nerdy and weird that had these shoes. Of course, these kids were bullied because they didn’t have the hottest shoes with a basketball player’s name on the side.

I guess those bullies matured and decided that fashion can mean comfort, or maybe a slap of an expensive brand is enough of a reason to get them.

At least you can go shopping with your parents and still be considered stylish.

Then there’s accessories or clothing that just don’t make sense and barely have a function.

I embraced when being a nerd was big in middle school and kids wore suspenders, fake freckles, pigtails and big glasses. I shudder at the thought of it, but I still love my big-rimmed glasses despite how they are now dying out.

I don’t understand tiny glasses in general. What are they covering? Nothing. As someone who has to wear glasses for medical reasons, why would anyone want to limit what they can see?

Even if they’re made as sunglasses, there is no way penny-sized lenses can protect anyone’s eyes. Well, if you’re a baby they might fit you really well.

Maybe I can dig through an old box and find my rectangular metal frames from my elementary days to pose myself as a fashion expert.
Other than that, they are just an accessory with no function for people that might actually need glasses.

Even if we have accessories that we can see through and have a functional purpose, it doesn’t mean it needs to be applied to clothes.

Personally, I love sheer tops to pair with a cute tank top under. However, there’s fashion, then there’s function. How is wearing a plastic article of clothing functional?

It seems useless to have anything on at all when what you have on is clear plastic. You can most likely get the same effect without wearing it at all.

After some use in the sun, a fashion statement is made when plastic clothes fog up with heat. If you want to see what it’s like to experience Florida humidity without traveling there, then I recommend this outfit.

I love seeing someone rock an outfit with confidence; it can make any outfit look 10 times better than it already looks. That does not protect any crazy fashion trends that we’ll be seeing in the spring and summer months from being criticized.

All I’m saying is, if a style is really speaking to you, try it! If you hate it, just hate it gently.

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