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The club scene at Bradley

Bradley provides many venues for creative and academic expression on campus. However, arguably one of the most notable mediums of that expression can be seen in the clubs and organizations students construct.

Clubs give students an avenue to advance whatever special interests they feel are important. A brisk walk through the activities fair of student organizations will provide everything from the straightforward to the niche.

The Bradley students that collaborate to make these clubs happen have different goals in mind. From further preparing students for their chosen career paths, to providing a place to come together and connect or even to have a hearty laugh at a ridiculous movie, there is always opportunity to find a new place of belonging.

“Student organizations provide a venue for students to learn and grow outside of the classroom,” Cara Wood, director of student activities, said. “It is important for students to take advantage of membership in a student organization, because it can help them to establish a community of peers, make connections, learn life skills and have fun.”

Sierra Doss, senior television arts and Spanish double major, as well as president and executive producer of Hilltop Films, says clubs provide opportunities to learn more abstract skills, such as leadership and time management.

“It’s a great opportunity for leadership; people come to you with questions, and it feels really good when you have the answers,” Doss said. “I love when my team is thriving, and watching other members grow into leaders themselves. The biggest challenge is that you’re not only making sure things are running smoothly, but you’re also looking ahead, looking for outside opportunities to showcase your organization and collaborate with others. [It’s] a good, but hefty, responsibility.”

However, participation isn’t the only element of a student club. Whomever decides they have an idea for a group they wish to start, the road to compiling the resources to get it up and running may sometimes be a bumpy one.

Chris Noonan, senior television arts major, as well as president and founder of the Bad Movie Club, experienced firsthand the journey of putting a club into working order.

“We already had Movie Club, but I wanted to start a club that was more in the style of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’, where we can talk during the movie and just watch trash with friends,” Noonan said. “And it was difficult getting started. Being a movie club, we have to get funding to buy the rights to the films so we can screen them. And it’s usually $300 per film. Our very first semester we didn’t get any funding, so all of our films had to be public domain …”

Clubs at Bradley range from practical collaborations to labors of love. From cultivating new skills to indulging new hobbies, they serve as the fingerprints of the diverse student body on campus, and are vital components to social and professional wellness in one’s academic year.

For more information on clubs like Hilltop Films (reachable at or the Bad Movie Club (reachable at, visit the student activities office in the bottom floor of the student center.

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