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The newest toy craze: Squishmallows, a stuffed animal for all ages

Squishmallow Fern. Image taken from

Squishmallows? Never heard of them—at least not until a few months ago when my roommates became obsessed with them.

Squishmallows are stuffed animals that have recently become popular among teens and young adults, embracing the idea that everyone could use a little more cuddles and squishiness in their life. From ducks to unicorns, and practically every creature in between, there is a design for everyone.

Although some larger Squishmallows climb into the $75 dollar range, most of these collectors’ items start around $10 per product, which is perfect for college students that are too cool for stamps and too poor for designer watches and purses.

Can’t keep up with the Kardashians? Try and keep up with Charli D’Amelio instead. The Tik Tok star just posted a photo on Instagram showing off her collection of Squishmallows.

While they might not be this writer’s cup of tea, I understand the appeal. With the ongoing pandemic and the apparent transition from couture to comfort, it makes sense to seek out guilty pleasure items and a little squishiness.

The question remains: Are Squishmallows just a passing trend like slime or silly bands or are they here to stay? Will they be the new Care Bears—loved and rebranded every few decades—or are they Furbies—doomed to live on in random childhood flashbacks?

Regardless of their future, their current popularity is unparalleled in the toy market. Squishmallows are cute and cuddly, and with the new release of special edition Valentine’s Day Squishmallows, they make the perfect gift for that special someone.

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