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The politics of high school: A review of Netflix’s ‘The Politician’

“The Politician” is a new eight-episode series on Netflix that premiered on Friday, Sept. 27. This show built up much anticipation before its premiere due to its acclaimed director, Ryan Murphy, from “Glee” and “American Horror Story,” as well as its star-studded cast, which includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lange and Ben Platt.

The show greatly benefits from the versatility of Platt as its lead actor. The Tony-Award-winning star of “Dear Evan Hansen” plays Payton Hobart, a highly ambitious high school senior who dreams of becoming the President of the United States.

Platt’s previous characters in theatre and in the “Pitch Perfect” franchise have all been shy, anxious teenagers, so the intensity of this character was a wonderful change of pace.

Zoey Deutch also stars in the series as Infinity Jackson, Payton’s on-again-off-again running mate. Infinity lives with her manipulative grandmother Dusty, portrayed by Lange.

Paltrow plays Payton’s mother, Georgina Hobart, and is seen as naive. Laura Dreyfuss, one of Platt’s co-stars in “Dear Evan Hansen,” also appears in “The Politician” as McAfee Westbook, a member of Payton’s social circle.

A political race would not be complete without a nemesis and Lucy Boynton plays Astrid Sloan, Payton’s reluctant opponent.

The first episode of the series sets up the premise of the show: There is an election for senior class president, which Payton is determined to win at any cost.

This show delves into complicated topics like cancer, poisoning, homosexuality, gender fluidity, political correctness and murder, to name a few.

Each of the three performers I previously mentioned portrayed characters that could effortlessly slip from comedic to dramatic in a moment’s notice. Because of this, “The Politician is considered both a comedy and a drama, according to IMDB.

The satire in the series demonstrates what it is like to be in the mind of a politician in the setting of a high school.

If you enjoy satirical shows like “Parks and Recreation,” then I highly implore you to check out Netflix’s “The Politician.”

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