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The villain Valentine of the year: Lady Alcina Dimitrescu

Design by Kyle St. John

Ever since Capcom dropped its trailer for Resident Evil Village on Jan. 21, almost everyone on the internet hoped the game would turn from a horror adventure to a dating simulator, all thanks to its villain, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu.

The sudden popularity for the character had even caught the attention of the game’s art director, Tomonori Takano, who showed appreciation to fans. The team released a statement thanking the fans for the enthusiasm and confirming Drimitrescu to be 9 feet and 6 inches tall.

While she doesn’t seem to fit into a doorway, she seems to fit perfectly into the internet’s heart, even that of non-gamers. This is most likely earning her the title of video game villain valentine of the year.

Dimitrescu has skin as pale as winter snow, ruby red lips to contrast and eyes that glow like fire, all to emphasize the fact that she’s a vampire villain. While her claws might be intended to kill the player character, most have fallen head-over-heels.

In just a short search on anything tagged with Lady Dimitrescu, you can find copious amounts of fanart, cosplays and memes done by fans, most of which are adoring the giant vampire.

Her main appeal has been debated amongst fans.

One could argue that it’s just the mystery of vampires that they’re drawn to. After all, there’s been a ton of vampire romances made in film.

Perhaps, it’s the fact that she’s also a powerful villain, capable of wreaking havoc.

Or maybe it’s her stature alone. Her height plus the way that she commands attention, as a mistress of a castle should. The power of a woman in charge can seem thrilling for some.

Her luxurious style, resembling an old Hollywood glam, could be the eye-catcher. She dons a wide-brim hat on top of her curled bobbed haircut and completes her ensemble with a white dress, paired with a pearl necklace and black gloves to hide her retractable claws. There’s much to adore about her outfit.

Then again, it might be something else. We can see visible aging on Dimitrescu that could put her into her mid 30’s to mid 40’s in human years. Although, following vampire logic, she could be hundreds or even thousands of years old. She certainly must be … experienced at what she does.

Although there’s so much to love about the villain of the next Resident Evil game, it seems that fans will be waiting for more until May 7 when the game releases, which could lead to an interesting dilemma.

Resident Evil villains and bosses have been known to have a second transformation that’s usually grotesque. We’ll see how gamers feel about their beloved giant woman in the final showdown, but for now, Dimitrescu has a special place in the internet’s heart.

P.S. Lady Dimitrescu, if you’re reading this: I am free to hang on Feb. 14. Contact me and I’ll set everything up.

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