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Letter to the Editor: Student-only policy in general admission pit is unfair

Dear Scout writers,


I’d like to write about the Activities Council Bradley University show – Girl Talk.  A lot of students have been quoted in the paper saying they’re not going because they don’t know the artist.

Another opinion that I think is happening frequently as well is the policy of “students only” in the pit.  I, for example, was interested and ready to buy tickets for Girl Talk until I found out that you have to be an enrolled Bradley student in order to be in the pit.  I actually had a conversation about this with several friends last week.

I understand why that rule was created, being that this is the first time they’re trying out the pit system, and keeping it to Bradley Students is a safety measure.

However, the “non-valid” Bradley students that I want to be at the concert with are Bradley graduates.  My boyfriend graduated in 2010, and I would go to the concert with him in a heartbeat, and still pay public price for his ticket, if he were allowed to be in the pit with me.  However, because ACBU has been clear about the rules, saying they plan on scanning ID’s to make sure they’re valid, I don’t want to go without him.

My proposed solution is to allow Bradley grads as well as current students into the pit for this concert.  I think there are several students that share my sentiments, and at the very least, it would boost sales for this concert.  I have another Bradley grad friend who lives in Iowa know who said she’d come see the show if she could be with us current students.  Maybe it would help if they’ve graduated within the past four years or some sort of cap like that, to maintain security and allow people who still have friends at the university to party together.


– Senior Theatre Arts major Krystal Uhl

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