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Nursing course emphasizes teaching

As the school year comes to a close, some students have to turn in their final papers, projects and presentations. But for students in the Women and Health course, they had to do all of the above at the Women and Health fair, inviting the Bradley community to learn about issues affecting women today.

The class broke up into about 12 groups, each focusing on a different topic ranging from Postpartum Depression to Testosterone in women athletes.

Assistant professor of nursing Kirsten Boyer instructs the Women and Health course  and has been running the annual spring fair for the last few years.

“As a nurse, part of your role is educating, whether it’s patients or just others in the community,” Boyer said. “This fair is also overall purposeful for all, getting across health awareness.”

According to Boyer, students were given the freedom to choose their topics and present them in the way they felt most effective, whether it be as a poster, slide-show or through flyers.

Sophomore health science major Jem Salomon said she chose transgender transitions in order to shed light on newer medical procedures available.


“There are constantly new developments in things like gender reassignment surgery and medications available to the transgender community,” Salomon said. “And honestly not a lot of people know much about this topic.”


Sophomore health science major Jake McGiles chose the topic of contraceptives because it is relevant to college students.

“Birth control needs more awareness on campus,” McGiles said. “Organizations like HEAT do a good job describing the different methods, but our presentation goes a bit deeper of how effective each type is.”

Sophomore health science major Paige Kateeb chose the topic of eating disorders for the same reason.

“Students should come to this fair because it’s set up in a way that they can choose a topic or two from the many booths that they relate to and hear their 30-second elevator pitch, where they will learn something new,” Boyer said.

Boyer said she feels the event has been successful and hopes to expand it in the following years

“This event has been growing throughout the years,” Boyer said. “In order to involve the Peoria community as a whole, I’d like to hopefully partner with the health department and expand educational opportunity.”

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