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SABRC allocates spring funding

As student organizations are starting to prepare for their spring events, the Student Activities Budget Review Committee has recently released funding decisions for this coming semester.

There were 64 spring funding requests submitted by 40 student organizations. SABRC allocated total $94,125.42 of $109,971 available for the spring.

Forty-eight requests from 34 organizations were fully or partially funded, and 16 requests were denied or withdrew.

Among founded organizations, Red Sea got the biggest piece of the pie with their spring sports giveaway events for a total of $10,420, which made up about 11 percent of the total allocated funds.

The Black Student Alliance and Association of Latin American Students come in second and third place with $8,139 and $7,303 for two events each.

On the rejected side, Student Senate’s signature event, “Rise of the Red,” was denied funding.

According to Katherine Folan, chairperson of SABRC and senior organizational communication major, Student Senate was rejected because they did not track attendance for their funded giveaways this fall semester.

“When all student organizations are required to go to the [Bradley Organization Leader Training] in the spring, there are instructions that if they are SABRC-funded, then they do need to use Presence to track attendance,” Folan said. “Student Senate has been told in the past, and that was something they didn’t do for this past semester.”

Cara Wood, director of student activities office, confirmed that it was part of the funding policy for organizations to track their attendance or giveaways, and said Bradley Ballroom was also denied for the same reason.

“All student clubs who receives funding needed to track their attendance for their events and for their capital equipment – items that we could have distributed to students – have to track attendance,” Wood said. “That was in the policies that all of the student organization signed in April or May when they meet with their financial adviser.”

According to Wood, this year’s spring funding was very comparable to the past in terms of amount of requests received and money allocated.

“Last November we were allocated about $98,000; this November we allocated about $94,000,” Wood said. “We only are about 10 events less this November hearing than last November hearing. So that kind is that ACBU difference, now ACBU allocates their funding themselves and reports back to SABRC”

ACBU was added to the list of organizations that receive a set percentage or amount of funding each fiscal year when SABRC revised their constitution in February. Other organizations on the list are Late Night BU and Club Sports.

In terms of the types of the events applied, Wood said there are typical comparisons to the past springs as it usually have more culture-related events than fall.

“When we look at the organizations that are applying for funding, we do see, traditionally, lots of programs that request funding in November for culture months in the spring,” Wood said.

Folan said SABRC wishes for nothing but the success of all events and encourages students to reach out to SABRC for helps and suggestions on funding applications.

“We want to see you putting together a very successful request,” Folan said. “We really made an effort this past year to try and to put [funding policies] out there and to make it as readable as possible for student organizations … We can’t assume responsibility for organizations, but we want to help you when you reach out.”

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