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The Bradley Student’s Guide to the 2020 Fall Semester 

The following information is a basic summary and quick reference to the rules and regulations laid out by Bradley University for the 2020 fall semester to deal with COVID-19. The information will be updated as guidelines change.

How will Bradley test its students?

Bradley plans to conduct up to 300 random COVID-19 surveillance tests on students and staff members each week, excluding fully remote employees and students. Bradley Health Services will complete the test at no cost through Nov. 20.

The students selected will be emailed on Monday to schedule an appointment with Bradley Health Services. Those arriving at the appointment shouldn’t arrive through the main entrance, but rather the north-facing side door of Markin nearest Morgan Hall. 

Considering testing is random, not all students will be tested. Students will be tested for free, but for students who exhibit symptoms or who have a known contact with a positive COVID-19 case, the student’s insurance will be billed. 


What should I do if I think I have COVID-19?

Students with symptoms or students who have come into contact with someone who has symptoms should set an appointment with Bradley Health Services  for testing. They are encouraged to self-quarantine until they get their results.


While waiting for the result of my test, where should I stay? Can I go to class?

Results through Bradley Health Services  will take approximately 36-72 hours. In an email interview, Jessica Higgs, director of Bradley Health Services said students who have been randomly selected and showed no symptoms and have not been in contact with a COVID-19 positive person are allowed to attend classes. 


What should I do If I test negative?

Those who test negative get their result in an email with no further action needed. 


What should I do if I test positive?

If a student tests positive, Bradley Health Services will initiate contact tracing. Students are required to isolate themselves for 14 days after testing positive for COVID-19 and are encouraged to return to their permanent residence for isolation. Students who return to their permanent residence in the 14-day period should inform Bradley Health Services.

If that’s not possible, they may be asked to relocate to the school’s COVID-19 isolation location. Locations will not be disclosed out of respect for privacy.


Can I volunteer to get tested at any time?

If a student still wants to be tested, even if they are not randomly selected or showing symptoms, they will be asked to pay $160 for the test. Some health insurance policies cover the cost of testing in part or in full.


Where can I get tested outside of the school?

The closest testing locations outside of Bradley as suggested by the Peoria City/County Health Department are: 

Heartland Health Services at 2321 N. Wisconsin Ave., Peoria IL 61603. 

Open: Monday through Friday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Saturdays 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. 

Peoria Civic Center/Fulton Street Parking Lot

Open 7 days per week — 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

Positive test results received off-campus should be communicated with Bradley Health Services. Peoria area tests do not qualify for the completion of a surveillance testing request and are free of charge.



Failure to comply with Bradley’s safety recommendations (distancing, masks, testing and contact tracing, etc.) may result in disciplinary action.

The university has created a non-compliance form to report those not following university guidelines. 


Students in isolation or quarantine

Isolation will separate sick people from uninfected people. Quarantine will limit one’s movements if they’ve been suspected or in risk of falling ill. 


Living in isolation

Students should pack some personal belongings when moving into the Bradley provided isolation space. They should not share belongings with others. Dining services will be delivering three meals at 11 a.m. Isolating students cannot do laundry in buildings where the laundry room is a shared common space. Monitoring symptoms and temperature is recommended. Guests are not permitted.


Living in quarantine 

Students identified by Bradley Health Services  as a close contact should quarantine. This can be done within the student’s residence and the three meals from Dining Services will be provided. Students also cannot do their laundry during a quarantine period. Quarantined students cannot do laundry in buildings where the laundry room is a shared common space.


Considerations for moving online

Classes can go online earlier than the scheduled Thanksgiving break in the event of certain situations outlined by the university. The university is factoring both campus operations and community operations in this decision process.

Campus related events that would cause a change in academics and campus operations include too many positive tests to self-isolate, not screening fast enough or lack of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Trends that the university plans on tracking are the local hospitals in the area, the rise of flu-like illnesses, the rise of positive cases, shortages of PPE and the inability to keep testing people.

In response to future rising cases on campus, the university is considering promoting more spacing when social distancing, closing buildings to sanitize, temporarily suspending classes or moving them online.


Guidelines for Fraternity and Sorority life

The Interfraternity Council sent an email to all fraternity chapter presidents on Aug. 21 that said to avoid hosting social events and to focus on recruiting responsibly by wearing a mask and social distancing.

The Panhellenic executive board sent an email to members on Aug. 27 stating that it discourages organizations from sponsoring, hosting or participating in events that do not follow CDC guidelines. 

All Greek Life members living in fraternity and sorority off-campus housing are considered a “family unit,” meaning masks are only required by outside guests. 


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