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Editorial: Successfully sweating the small stuff

The new changes at the beginning of this school year, both to Bradley’s physical campus and its branding efforts, are admirable steps meant to benefit the overall student experience. While these mostly cosmetic alterations are positive, some of the new or updated aspects of campus may leave students disgruntled.

The removal and adjustment of sidewalks through Olin Quad will hopefully lead to a decrease in flooding. Students should now be able to walk freely in this area without ruining their shoes.

The mural outside of the admissions office is also a new bright spot on campus. This Instagram-worthy wall allows potential and current students to express picturesque pride in the university. Tagging Bradley University in your latest post is an easy way to garner positive buzz about the university, with very little work required from the university’s official marketing teams.

Additional efforts include the new directional signs, set to be added later this semester, and the new shields that grace the elevators in the student center and Williams Hall. The goal of these updated signs is to make navigating campus easier for newcomers and modernize outdated aesthetics. This signage is part of a growing effort to beautify and refine the campus.

Taking the time to tend to the finer points of our home here at Bradley can certainly have an impact. More ideas like these can improve morale among current students and allows us to feel the university is working to make our school better for those who attend. These efforts can potentially attract more prospective students, as well, which may be the university’s primary intention with these surface-level polishes and renovations.

However, certain adjustments have been a source of confusion, such as the shortening of dining services’ hours. Limiting students’ time to get their chips and queso is going to be a point of contention.

The library’s hours have also been shortened, with its opening on Sunday being pushed back later this semester than the previous. This is especially concerning considering Student Senate’s efforts to extend those hours last semester per student concerns.

You should sweat the small stuff, because it does matter.

We commend Bradley for making these adjustments for the betterment of our campus, and we hope they continue this trend with issues big and small.

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