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Letter to the Editor: 2015-09-18

To the Editor:

After reviewing the two most recent editions of your award-winning publication (2014-2015 Organization of the Year), I am disappointed to see the omission of an important part of any newspaper: the crossword. A test of human wit and mental flexibility, this mere “puzzle” has, since 1913, challenged readers of all ages to explore our history, culture and knowledge of this incredible planet. Will Shortz, the New York Times crossword guru and vaunted puzzlemaster, had this to say:

[I believe] crosswords should embrace everything in the world, and yes, it includes the classical subjects, but it should include what’s going on in the world today. So I try to edit the crosswords to be timeless.

Besides their cultural significance, numerous studies have also confirmed tangible benefits of regular crossword completion. Of note: improved communication skills, pattern identification, and problem solving ability. Of greater import, mental degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s can be combatted by the active use of your mind. It is not just the elderly who suffer from these afflictions; I have heard many professors say students these days are brain-dead. A solution to this puzzler has crossed our paths.

I leave you with one more Shortz quote on the creation of a crossword puzzle, “You can’t please everyone at once.” I thank the entire Scout staff for their time and dedication to good journalism and good production value. It takes no mental acrobatics to know why your paper has existed for over 115 years at Bradley University. But we need a call to action: Bring Back My Crossword!

Your attentive reader,

Hunter Vaughn
Senior Accounting and Political Science

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