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Celebrities fighting against gender norms

With many movements and events involving gender norms such as Gillette’s commercial about toxic masculinity, He For She and women’s marches, people are expressing themselves in many ways. Most notably, more male celebrities are getting in touch with their feminine sides.

From the stage, red carpet events and even on the streets, these men have brushed off stereotypical masculinity and pushed aside gender norms. Below is a list of some perfect examples.

Bad Bunny
It’s no secret this Puerto Rican trap and reggaeton singer sports an occasional manicure. Recently, he showed up to the Latin Grammy Award show with neon green hair and stiletto nails to match.

While some fans on social media are upset about Bad Bunny getting his nails done, he’s been taking care of his cuticles for quite some time. In his music videos “Estamos Bien” and “Caro” he’s seen with manicured hands with nails from soft purples to a bold black.

Last year Bad Bunny called out a nail salon in Oviedo, Spain in a now deleted Instagram post, when they refused to do his nails, stating they didn’t serve male customers. He ended the post with, “What year is it? F/*cking 1960? What do you call this?”

Harry Styles
Former One Direction singer Harry Styles has made himself known as a fashion icon. Styles has shown he isn’t afraid to step out of the box when it comes to fashion. Recently, he’s traded black skinny jeans for floral bell bottoms.

With chunky necklaces, nail polish, flowy tops and traditionally feminine prints, Styles seems to wear everything with confidence. Fans who watch him perform live get to see a different suit every time he’s on stage.

Last year on Halloween, Styles donned a bedazzled Dodgers uniform with chunky pink bedazzled frames to match. The costume was meant to mirror Elton John’s from his performance at Dodgers’ stadium in 1975. Styles clearly aims to be a show stopper.

Jaden Smith
Actor, rapper and singer Jaden Smith goes even further with his style. His fashion may seem extreme, but there is a method to the madness.

Smith was spotted in the Louis Vuitton womenswear campaign for the spring and summer 2016 collections.

When asked why he wore dresses and skirts by Nylon, he said it was so future generations of non-gender conforming children won’t experience bullying. Smith wants to push the boundary to help those in the future. He even went to prom in a dress.

When Will Smith was asked to comment on his son’s behavior in several interviews, he admits that he wasn’t supportive at first but has become more open to it. In an interview with BBC Radio, he said that, “Jaden is 100 percent fearless.”

Gerard Way
Former frontman of “My Chemical Romance,” Gerard Way has always pushed gender norms, as have most who identify themselves with emo or scene culture do. Past the long teased hair and heavy eyeliner, Way has made himself a representative for promoting gender issues.
Way’s music and work is made to help fans become more open to joining him in exploring their gender identity.

Fans questioned Way’s gender identity after looking closely at his music and a statement from him that he was more comfortable with feminine traits. The singer has since confirmed he prefers he/they pronouns and encourages everyone to explore their gender.

Having males within the public eye who defy toxic masculinity and embrace their own femininity helps fight gender stereotypes. These four celebrities are great examples of individuals who are truly comfortable in their own skin.

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