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Shoot your shot: College girls’ guide to making the first move

Hello, ladies! This week, I am going to help you buck up and shoot your shot. Whether you need a little confidence boost, advice about what to do or if you just can’t tell if he’s into you, I am here to help.

All right, so first off … do they even like you? You are a boss babe, so what does it even matter? I mean, seriously. Unless you think this person is “the one,” then there is no need to get all worked up about shooting your shot.

Taking the reins and being forward might be scary, but it’s better than wasting weeks of your life waiting to see if they will ask you out.

I always tell my friends, what’s the worst they can do? Say “no?” If worse comes to worst and they reject you, you just start back at square one. This time, though, you know that person is a no-go. Success follows confidence and getting in your head is just going to make it harder to make a move.

Okay, so here is the actual tough part … figuring out how to make the move. There are so many ways to do this, but here are just a few of my go-tos:

Ask them to grab a specific meal. By “specific,” I mean don’t just ask if they want to get lunch sometime. Instead, ask them to get a pizza at The Fieldhouse on Thursday night.
Ask them to come over and see a movie they haven’t seen. This is perfect because this could lead to something more physical or it could lead to a great conversation and cuddling on a couch.
Invite them to a game night with friends. A more social setting could help take off the pressure, and it means your friends will stop bugging you about meeting the person you are talking to!

Asking someone out or making the first move can be scary, but it puts the ball in their court and may throw them off their game. Confidence is sexy and we are college kids; what do we have to lose?

I will go first if you want … Jack Galloway, if you are reading this … will you go to Jimador with me next Saturday?

There you go, I went first and in a very public way. If I can do that, I think you can send that risky text. If you are still nervous, I’ll throw you a bone. Send them this article and ask them to read this part:

Hey! She likes you, so this is her shooting her shot.

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  1. Tirzah Sprigela Tirzah Sprigela September 11, 2020

    Jossie, I almost sent this article to the guy I have a crush on but I saw that Jack Galloway is your boyfriend !!!

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