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The Eleven Herbs and Spices of Love

Move over, “Doki Doki Literature Club,” there’s a new dating simulator on the market and it’s finger lickin’ good!

“I Love You, Colonel Sanders!” is a real game created by KFC to premiere its newest menu item: the mac and cheese bowl. In the past, KFC has created several strange advertising campaigns that include the design of two previous games: “ColonelQuest” and “The Hard Way.”

None are quite like this, though.

Between its anime-style graphics, hilarious storyline and quirky characters, “I Love You, Colonel Sanders!” is absolutely wild from start to finish. Over the course of three days, your character attends a highly-esteemed culinary school to earn a degree. You strive not only to refine your cooking skills but also to fall deeper in love with Colonel Sanders. 

As the school year goes on, you meet other aspiring cooks and prepare for the final exam: a cook-off where you must prepare your best dish. As if the story couldn’t get any weirder, you go to Colonel Sanders’ house to make food together, and you eventually dance with him at the end of the school year party.

In addition to these strange circumstances, your best friend dates a robot, one of the students visits you in dreams as a ghost and various “spork monsters” engage in battle with you, “Final Fantasy” style.

Many of the characters have an implied basis in pop culture. The player’s best friend is a cheerful girl named Miriam who specializes in making tiny dishes. Her attitude and dialogue are reminiscent of Sayori from “Doki Doki.” The professor the player takes classes with is a corgi dog named Sprinkles. He serves as the judge in the final contest and, though he tries to be strict, he’s only seen as adorable.

Your rivals, Aeshleigh and Van Van, are the KFC equivalent of Team Rocket. They throw insults at you and constantly try to stop you from getting close to the Colonel. Aeshleigh is known for her beautiful dessert creations, and the KFC character design for Van Van looks like he could step right into the world of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.”

“I Love You, Colonel Sanders!” is a masterpiece in the way it successfully incorporates the fun of a video game and the food of the company. Of course, within all its oddities, Colonel Sanders is the center of it all. From his dashing looks to his suave personality, he is the complete package.


 Needless to say, he is finger lickin’ fine and your romance with the Colonel will soar to new heights. “I Love You, Colonel Sanders!” is available on Steam for the low price of free and by the time you reach the end, you will certainly be hungry for some fried chicken.

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