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Upgrade those Christmas sweaters to chic runway looks

Originally published December 3, 2010

The holiday season is a financially demanding time. From the piles of presents that need to be bought to the fashion demand of constant parties, it’s hard to make it out without running your bank account dry.

For college students, the bank constantly teeters near dry anyways, so the holidays never help. The gifts are easy to conquer on a budget. Getting creative and cutesy with homemade gifts will usually charm your recipient, and if nothing else, it will be something memorable you can laugh at in the future.

Looking good during the holidays is another story.

Whether it’s a holiday party with your parents, a blowout reunion with your friends from back home or a New Year’s Eve celebration, finding the perfect outfit for each occasion can prove to be a difficult one – especially when you have lofty dreams of what you want to look like without the spare cash to match.

For fashionistas that crave runway looks, search no further than The site, like many fashion sites out there, examines top designers’ most desirable and wearable runway creations. Instead of just leaving you to do the hard work, finding clothes to recreate those outfits, they do it for you, providing different options in much more reasonable price ranges.

While only one outfit is highlighted per day, it’s easy to search through past posts, allowing you to browse by designer, season, color, price, retailer, style or type. It’s like entering a store and finding exactly what you want without having to hunt through all the junk.

If you enjoy the designer fare without actually purchasing anything, the site is constantly updated with contests, allowing you to actually win the gear you crave.

Fashion sites come and go with the trends, but if Rundown keeps delivering quality looks for less ripped from the runway, it could stick around for a while. If anything, the styles offer a much-welcomed alternative to an ugly Christmas sweater.

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