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University responds to campus safety concerns

Photo via Scout archive.

On Friday, Bradley University released a message from its president Gary Roberts addressing students and parents about growing campus safety concerns after an armed robbery took place on campus Thursday night. 

The safety alert of the robbery, posted on Bradley University Police Department’s Facebook page, received over 30 comments as of Saturday night, with many parents demanding the administration take action. 

In his message, Roberts acknowledged the growing concerns and said that new precautionary efforts would be made to security on campus.

“Because campus safety is paramount, we wanted to reach out to address your concerns,” said Roberts in his message on Friday. “In response to these new threats, we are installing additional exterior cameras and BUPD officers are modifying their patrolling strategies.”

Roberts said that the university will work with the City of Peoria on the issue.

“We are determined to do what is necessary to ensure that our campus is as safe as it can be, which will no doubt include involving leaders of Peoria’s city government,” Roberts said. 

The university has since assembled its administrative team and met with Mayor Jim Ardis and other city officials on Saturday.

Renée Richardson, associate vice president for marketing and communication of the university, said the meeting with city’s official on Saturday was very possitive and the university will post a follow-up on Roberts messages on BUPD’s webpage on Monday morning. 

Jennifer Mathis, president of Parent’s Board at Bradley, said she is confident in the efforts of the administration on campus safety. 

“As a parent, I share in the concerns for the well-being of the Bradley community and the surrounding Peoria community. I am confident that the administration will continue to partner with local law enforcement to promote safety of the students at Bradley,” Mathis said. “I appreciate the response from President Roberts and look forward to hearing about changes that may come about from the meeting.”

This article was last updated on Monday at 5:10 a.m. 

The previous version of the article said that the university will post a follow-up on Roberts’ message on Monday at 9 a.m. The university has since postponed the posting of the follow-up to Monday before noon insead. 

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