Since you didn’t ask… BFF or BF?

How do I tell my best friend I’m in love with him?
-Vivacious Vanessa

Dear Vivacious Vanessa,

Ah, the predicament as old as time itself. First of all, I may be a tad old fashioned, but a part of me believes no straight man and straight woman can maintain a platonic relationship. See “Harry Met Sally,” “Friends With Benefits” or any other movie that clearly proves my point. That being said, your conundrum was inevitable, and I’m sorry for your plight.

Nevertheless, the good news is you don’t have to tell him because there’s a good chance he already knows. From my experience, men can be daft, but they still get a pretty good inkling about when their gal pals develop feelings, and he’s probably just as nervous as you are about being at a crossroads.

But to be brutally honest, if he seems like the type of guy who usually isn’t too emotionally aware and you aren’t certain of how he will react, tough it out. Seriously – try to keep your feelings at bay until the sexual tension is too much to bear. More often than not, things don’t turn out like the movies, and perfectly happy friendships dissipate when feelings get in the way.

To quote French Montana, the lyrical genius of our generation, most people couldn’t “give a f*ck about yo feelings.”

However, if you ever feel like the time is right, the easiest way to let him know is by giving him a friendship bracelet that says “Wanna bone?”





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