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Earthly Anthem

Remember “We are the World?” The anthem that every top chart artist had a role in when the 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti in 2009. Well, Lil Dicky created a charity anthem of his own last week dedicated to the Earth.

The 31-year-old rapper created a new track titled “Earth,” with a video that received almost 50 million views its first week. The message behind the song is rallying together as a planet to save the Earth before it’s too late.

His reasoning behind the song can be summed up simply, he said, “My main priority is to get people to give a sh*t about saving the Earth.”

The song features an extensive list of celebrities including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Ed Sheeran, Joel Embiid and Leonardo DiCaprio. In the animated video, each celebrity takes on the role of an animal (or marijuana plant in Snoop Dogg’s case) which makes it hard not to enjoy.

Lil Dicky jumps from country to country and even outer space to emphasize the fact that we’re all in this together. It wouldn’t be a Lil Dicky song if he didn’t incorporate some type of comedic element between each verse, and he made sure to deliver.

TED Talks and documentaries aren’t working. It’s time to wake up. This video does a great job of gaining the attention of the younger generation through both the lyrics and the celebrities sprinkled throughout the video.

The rapper includes Leonardo DiCaprio, who aside from acting, is known for his environmental campaigns and charities. DiCaprio acknowledges the problems with the Earth and uses his few moments toward the end of the song to advocate helping the planet.

The video ends with Lil Dicky explaining the current state of the planet in based on research done by environmental scientists. He said we have roughly 12 years to turn this planet around or else we’re doomed. 12 years; that’s not a long time.

He created the website where people can learn about the current situation we’re in and the little things they can do to help. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this song will go towards various environmental organizations so hopefully we can give the Earth a future that lasts beyond 12 years.

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