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Sincerely, seniors

Dear Bradley,

We’ve definitely done our share of complaining over the past four years.

The winters here are brutal and the air never quite smells normal. We’ve been told countless times never to “go down the hill” alone and we’ve taken detours to avoid construction blocking paths to and from class.

Like any other university – there’s always good with the bad.

We’ve waited 15 minutes at 2 a.m. at Bacci’s for a piece of cardboard with cheese on it that tastes like heaven and we’ve all taken advantage of the portion sizes at Thanh Linh.

But, a lot of things changed over the years.

We went from being the ones rushed on Fredonia to rushing the new kids. Lighting of the B started off as a floor program where we all waited patiently to hear who was on the homecoming court. Three years later it became an event we all either ditched together or showed up to slightly intoxicated to cut in line for whatever free food was offered.

An 8 a.m. every other day turned into no classes before 11:00. Wearing red for a free cotton T-shirt used to be the motivation we needed to get out of bed on Fridays until they started to accumulate and become something we needed to get rid of due to the lack of space in our closets.

Moving back to campus at the last minute after a summer away turned into coming back a few days early to make sure there was at least one night out we could squeeze in before classes resumed. We went from gen-eds with anyone and everyone to classes with all the same people. Instagram follows became LinkedIn connections.

We all miss having Dining Dollars to frivolously spend, and none of us have ever been able to connect to BUSecure.

Of course, there are things we all wish we could change about Bradley. No school in the world can check every single box.

The thing none of us would change are the people we met here and the experiences we shared with them. We all get comfortable in our weekly routines. There’s something special about knowing there’s usually one or two little things to look forward to every day.

We’ve probably taken a lot for granted here. Things get old and there’s a point where everyone needs to move on. As seniors, we should take advantage of the little things. Who knows when they’re going to come around again?

Who can resist taco Tuesdays at Jimador? Nothing beats the dollar drinks and the same playlist we can expect at Crusens every Thursday night. It’s amazing being able to wake up at 9:50 a.m. and still manage to arrive early for a 10:00 a.m. class after running into all of your friends along the way.

Thank you, Bradley, for the traditions we’ll always cherish and the people we’ll never forget.


Class of 2019

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