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Five stages of ‘the feels’

Ah yes, “the feels,” better summed up as the emotions that shake up your world no matter how much you try to pretend they don’t exist.

Sometimes “the feels” aren’t the worst thing in the world even though they seem to come at the worst times and when you least want them. Before you send them away, think about the situation a little more. You never know, maybe that permanent resident of the friend-zone could be moving out for a reason.


No way. Them? Yeah right, cute joke. Not even if they were the last person on earth. They’re totally friend-zoned. We’re besties. They’re not my type. I have other options. They’re like my sibling!


This is just inconvenient, as if I have the time for “the feels” Why does everyone keep asking me if I like them? Why do I keep thinking about it, why does it bother me if people think we’re a thing? Can’t two people just be friends without anything more?


Okay, so maybe if they were one of the last people on earth, I could possibly see it happen. I mean, we can’t let the world die out, right? Shouldn’t all good relationships start as friendships? Maybe this person really knows me and would be good for me? People obviously see something there, and we’re already such close friends we know we get along.


What if this ruins our friendship? If things go wrong can we ever go back? Do I want to prove everybody right? Who can I even talk to and will they say I told you so? I don’t want to lose my best friend if things go south.


This could be good for me. We started as friends and we know at the very least we can be that and we have a solid foundation of trust. Maybe I let something slip? If they already like me maybe I should give it a shot? This could turn into something I didn’t even know I wanted. Maybe the best things come to us when we aren’t looking.

Every year, we publish a Valentine’s Day edition of our Voice section in order to bring the spirit of love to campus. We’re excited to bring you a number of articles (some serious, some satirical) dedicated to sex, relationships, the history of Valentine’s Day and more.

Should you plan to celebrate this day of romance with someone, be sure to stay safe and practice healthy sexual habits – and if you’re planning on cuddling up alone or with friends to watch movies and eat discount chocolates, that works perfectly, too. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to have fun.


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