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Posts published in “Voice”

That’s so meta: A dizzying look into films looking at us

Meta-narratives are a complicated and delicate trope, comparable to time travel. Suddenly, acknowledging the audience’s existence can be played for laughs with how off-the-wall it is. “Deadpool” has the titular character regularly break the fourth wall and deliver wisecracks on the elements of the movie…

Study Break: Jade and Angeline bid farewell

In this week’s Study Break, seniors Jade Sewell and Angeline Schmelzer say goodbye to Bradley and The Scout by reminiscing about their favorite lessons and memories.  Jade and Angeline have enjoyed writing, editing, podcasting and anything else needed for The Scout during their four years…

Review: ‘Ultimatum’ is reality TV’s latest attempt at ‘love’

As humans, having a fascination with finding love and our soulmates is only natural. From an early age, we are conditioned to seek out our paramour, other half or perfect partner.  It’s why we love fairytales as children and why we love romance-driven reality TV…

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